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Parking Stats

European scenario of parking market

Total addressable market value € 260 BILLION

The car parking market's quantitative approach is based on research and reports from various countries, from statistics organisations (such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS), INSEE, DESTAT) as well as from research institutions in the field of mobility and urban development (such as RAC and CERTU) - by Q-park


250M passenger cars parked 96% of the time




European drivers who are willing navigation system for parking/traffic real-time services


Smartphone user penetration as percentage of total population in Western Europe in 2018

5 reasons to install and use

Read why you're going to make the difference
- make an extra income

Research has found that the average household earns over €1,100 a year from renting out its driveway. Houses with empty driveways that are close to train stations, town centres, shopping centres or sports and music venues are likely to be more in demand.

- make an extra income -
- find parking easily

Time spent looking for someplace to put your car on crowded city streets or mall lots is a serious matter. Our App helps motorists to find and pay private owners for unused parking spaces everywhere in real time. Avoid stress, time wasting and undesirable sanctions.

- find parking easily -
- easy to install

Parking owners will find very easy to register and install our devices. ParkKit gate can be used to lock & manage one or several parking spots, even garages and other facilities that use remote control systems.  All the «job» is done "in cloud" throughout the users’ smartphones

- easy to install -
- help your community

Shared parking can alleviate traffic congestion, reducing pollution in urban areas. Several studies found that 30% of a city's traffic is attributable to people hunting for parking. A third of drivers reporting they search for 20 minutes on average

- help your community -
- help to reduce the total parking needed

Shared parking can reduce parking requirements by 20-40%, creating positive economic, social and environmental benefits. It eliminates the burden on developers to build more parking and helps to optimize the use of existing parking spaces

- help to reduce the total parking needed -


from parking world
June 22, 2019

Where Will We Park Self-Driving Cars?

Autonomous vehicles are coming. That’s led many people to declare that parking will become obsolete. However, the truth is quite a bit more complicated.

January 22, 2019

Smart City Industry Predictions for 2019

As 2018 wraps, everyone in the Smart City industries are getting focused on the possibilities for the industry coming in 2019.

May 17, 2018

Chinese parking scenario

Parking in China can be a long march. Efforts to restrict car purchases and boost parking spaces haven’t kept pace with vehicle ownership.

May 12, 2018

Smart Parking Market 2018 Global Industry Trends

Smart Parking Market 2018 Global Industry Trends, Statistics, Size, Share, Growth

October 10, 2017

Energy, transport and environment indicators 2017 by Eurostat

The Energy, transport and environment indicators book presents statistics

July 12, 2017

Searching for Parking Costs Americans $73 Billion a Year by INRIX

INRIX today published a major new study combining data from the INRIX Parking database of 100,000 locations across 8,700 cities in more than 100 countries,

July 11, 2017

Smart Parking, A Silver Bullet for Parking Pain by INRIX

Today, INRIX Research launched the first ever study to quantify the economic and

April 6, 2017

The perilous politics of parking by The Economist

Parking spaces seem innocuous, just a couple of lines painted on asphalt.

March 11, 2017

Transport statistics at regional level by Eurostat

This article forms part of Eurostat’s annual flagship publication, the Eurostat regional yearbook.

May 10, 2016

The cost of parking across Europe by Euronews

Europe: It is 16 times more expensive to park in London than in Sofia. The problem is the same across Europe: parking in the centre of big cities puts money on the clock.

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