March 29, 2018



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Search available parking spots by your destination or current position. You can park hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly. Review details, photos and community-based reviews. Choose the one that fits your preferences and book it in advance or in real time Drive to the parking spot and open the ParkKit gate by your smartphone.
Open again the ParkKit gate to leave the parking. 
Payment will be automatically processed based on entrance and exit time. No Coins, No Tickets, No QR code, No Stress.


Parking is frustrating. 30% of city traffic is caused by drivers circling the block looking for parking. Time, fuel, money wasted and more pollution generated. Payment and stop-over time are intricate to manage. is the right App for motorists who don’t want to be stressed about parking. is an App for park sharing that helps motorists to find the right place for their cars without stress or time wasted on booking confirmations unlike many the other parking sharing platforms.

Our solution also makes renting a parking place profitable, drastically limiting the human interaction between owners and drivers but giving owners more control on their spaces.

Save stress and money, reduce pollution emissions, traffic congestion and social frustration. Improve you’re city life and yours too.